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FAQ - For Applying Online

What Browser should I use?

Browser compatibility is Internet Explore 8, 9 and Mozilla Firefox 4.0.

How do I enable cookies on my browser?

Each browser has its own method.  Please google the phrase "how to enable cookies ".   Be sure to select the browser type being used.

How do I access an application for funding that I have saved, but have not yet submitted?

To access an in-progress application, click here.

I forgot the password I created when I saved my application.  How can I find it?

Go to the log-in page, click on "forgot password", enter the email address you created and click on "send password".  The password will be sent to that email.

Is it possible to share the application with a colleague before it is submitted?

Yes.  In the upper right hand corner select "Email Draft".  You will be prompted to fill out an email form where you can send a message with a copy of the application.  You are also able to send a copy of the email to yourself.  Please be sure to check the box labeled "attach application".

How can I be assured that my online application was received?

When an online application is submitted to the foundation, an email is automatically generated acknowledging its receipt.  If you have not received this email, check your spam or junk mail folder.

Are there required forms to use when completing my attachments?

No, you may attach your own versions of the required attachments (ie: program budget, audit report). We accept the following file types:  xls, xlsx, doc, docx and pdf.

Who do I contact if I do not receive an email confirmation that my grant application has been received?

All grant confirmation emails are sent automatically through the online grants software.  Please check your spam email or junk mail to make sure the notification was not blocked.  If you did not receive a confirmation email, you may contact us at  We appreciate your cooperation and understanding.